24.10.1934 - 22.09.2020

Mr Raymond Hein born in 1934 first made an apprenticeship as a baker so as to understand the real needs in the bakery business

In 1956 he went to the Belgian Congo in Africa where he stayed in the bakery business for 9 years before he came back in 1965.

From 1966 to 1999 he was the CEO of the Hein Group and leading the company through good an hard times especially the oil crisis in 1973.

Mr Hein retired in 1999 and handed over the company to his son Ferdinand.

Up to his last days he was seen daily in the company.

We keep Mr Hein in a very good warm memory as a human leader and a gentleman being always pleasant  and respectful towards his employees.

RIP Mr Hein

De firma HEIN- is een innovatief familiebedrijf uit Luxemburg dat sinds 1882 hoogwaardige bak- en koelingstechnologie voor veeleisende bakkers ontwikkelt en produceert.

De firma HEIN produceert ovens, het hele assortiment van koeltechniek en automatiseringstechnologie voor de ambachtelijke bakkerij tot volledig geautomatiseerde industriële bakproductie met robottechnologie.