With FLEX-UV, you have a reserve of pre-baked bread


The FLEX-UV storage cell allows the baker to 80-% pre-bake his full range of bread and keep it for several days. No risk of drying out thanks to an ingenious humidity management system with any possibility of mould formation eliminated by the integral UV lamps.

The whole process is controlled by an innovative software package controlling 200 different fan speeds, PID (Proportional, Integral, Differential) feedback control, precise and even control, according to the required air humidity, of heating and cooling and the adjustment of the horizontal and vertical air guides.

All this guarantees optimum climatic conditions; no drying out, improvement of the structure and development of the taste and savour.


  • Great flexibility
  • Better development of taste and savour
  • Reduced transport, optimised yield
  • Pre-baked products for final baking at the point of sale
  • (simplified and reliable storage for periods that can extend to several days)
  • Freshly baked products throughout the day