Every system devised by man, however ingenious, has its disadvantages. Despite their good baking properties and the ease of handling on minimal footprint, rack ovens are not optimum for all products, bread in particular.

Annular tube ovens deliver outstanding bakery products but the handling of the products, by the nature of the system, proves somewhat more difficult for all deck ovens; the capacity makes the loading and unloading more physically demanding. In large installations, it is therefore almost unavoidable to marry the oven with a HEIN SPIDER fully or semi-automatic feed system.

What could be more obvious than to combine the two systems in a completely new product?

Despite technical „incompatibilities“ between the two systems, the HEIN Engineers have managed to circumvent the disadvantages of the two different types of oven and succeeded in unifying only their advantages in the new „hybrid“ oven.

The small footprint and easy handling of the rack oven are combined with the even radiant heat and enormous heat storage of the annular tube oven:

The Stoneroll:

With this oven, you can bake „the old way“: crusty on the outside, soft inside, good texture, finely fragmenting crust, good crumb, outstanding lustre and all this batch after batch at the same temperature for all products on rack trolleys and, which is more, with low energy and maintenance costs. The traditional HEIN quality, the craftsmanship and the first-class materials make the StoneRoll an oven that can find its place in every bakery: equally well as a single oven in a family bakery or as part of a bank of ovens in a large bakery.

The best ingredients, worked by the master-baker with care and love into a dough, deserve nothing less than, after perfect proving, to be baked in the finest oven.

The StoneRoll is the final link in the preparation of your products and enables you to maintain the artisanal quality with which you will convince your customers.


stone roll 2

System Description

1. Monoblock thermal stone firing
2. Burner
3. Insulation
4. Annular tubes
5. Combustion gas circulationg blower
6. Rack trolley
7. High-power vapour system
8. Steaming extraction system
9. Solid stainless steel door
10. Steam extractor hood
11. Turbo circulation blower


The heat insulation

The minimal overall dimensions of the oven with the largest possible oven cavity that customers demand leave little room for heat insulation. HEIN, in close collaboration with the best manufacturers of the latest, high-quality thermal insulation, has therefore developed a new, sandwich structured insulation. Not only was a good level of thermal insulation achieved but ecological considerations were also taken into account.

As before, for the newly developed insulation systems, only materials that are harmless to health were used. This is advantageous if the oven is to be moved if, for example, the bakery is enlarged, for removal or if it is sold on as a used oven. When it comes down to it, an outstanding heat insulation not only keeps the bakery temperature down, it also cuts the outgoings for primary energy.

stone roll 5

The Touch Screen Control

On request from the customer and for an additional price, the StoneRoll can also be operated with touch screen control. This controller, built into hundreds of ovens since 2005, has shown itself to be robust and reliable. It is not for nothing that this novel and pioneering HEIN development was awarded the DBZ-TROPHY INNOVATION PRIZE at the SÜDBACK Exhibition 2005.

In addition to overnight start time, temperature curve, baking time, vapour delivery and vapour extraction, the HEIN Touchmatic can record all relevant oven data (Logbook). In addition, according to the defined program steps, it switches on the circulation blower, which complements the mild and gentle radiant heat of the annular tubes with increased air circulation in the oven. This gives greater flexibility in production.

A number of ovens can exchange data in a network or be individually controlled and monitored (e.g. via PC or an oven configured as “Master”). Established baking processes can also be conveniently transferred from one oven to another without network connection by means of a USB stick.
The regular service intervals are automatically displayed.


  • Outstanding baking quality for your whole product range
  • Universal in application
  • Bake batch after batch with the same baking quality
  • No burning, even if partly shut down or after long down time
  • Super-vapour, as much as you like, always proberly dense and wet
  • Top finish of high-quality goods and materials
  • Steam-proof oven door with the proven, reliable lift/lower mechanism
  • Low exhaust temperature with consequent economical use of primary energy
  • Low heat losses with the latest insulation systems
  • Customer service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and spare parts at extremely reasonable prices
  • With uncomplicated technology, fewer wearing parts